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The "Total Interview Package"
(This package can be downloaded. You can print it and save it to disk for future use.)

Prepare yourself for success! Be prepared. Be the "Total Package". Land the job!

The "Total Interview Package" is the first "free" online interview package that accumulates all the information you will need to prepare yourself for the interview. You do not have to "surf" the Internet in hope of finding what we have made accessible to you in this package. We made it simple enough to follow for any job seeker from college students to corporate executives!

Here is a preview of the package:

  • How do you control the interview? Do you know what to say when an interviewer says, "Tell me a little bit about yourself?" This is a difficult question to answer, especially when you have no experience and do not know where to start. What do you say?
  • How do you negotiate salary, benefits, or vacation? When do you mention salary and benefits?
  • There are a ton of resumes on the Internet and in libraries. Which resume format are you going to use? We give you a universal resume. One format fits all.
  • What words should you use to describe your job functions?
  • Do you know how to assess a job? Should you pursue a job? Is this the right job for you? We provide you with a job assessment tool that will rate any job for you.
  • Did you know you should write a "Thank You" Letter after every interview? Do you know what to say and what it should look like?
  • What should you wear for the interview? How would you find out what to wear?

If you knew all of this, do you think you would be more comfortable in the interview?

In addition, the "Total Interview Package" provides you with Links:

  • Salary Surveys.
  • Directions And Maps To Get To The Interview.
  • Best Companies To Work For.
  • Salary Calculator (City To City/Cost Of Living Calculator).
  • Best Places To Live.
  • Most Admired Companies . . . and much more!

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